Budget Your Homeschool Software – Homeschooling

When you start looking at your budget for homeschooling, in can seem daunting. You have your regular bills, like mortgage, electricity, car payments, and private lessons. Plus, you have your recurring home school expenses at the beginning of each year or session, for books, materials, field trips, supplies, and everything else a homeschooling child needs. Then you realize that they may need tutoring software, or specialized software for a particular subject. Where do you fit all these things into your homeschool budget?When you first set out to make a budget, you have to put everything into a priority. Obviously, your regular bills should be your first priority. Among those, if you have a mortgage, this bill should take the first priority, otherwise you risk losing your home to school in. Next to that, probably your utility bills are probably the most important after your mortgage, since you need to have water and light to make a conducive homeschool environment. Still within your regular bills, your car payments, and insurance, and everything else probably fall into the lower priority of bills. Once you have budgeted for your regular bills, and counted up how much money you have left over after getting paid each month, determine how much you can set aside for homeschooling.Let’s say that you have two hundred dollars left over each month after paying all your regular bills, and you have determined that you can use this money for homeschooling. The next thing you need to do is figure out how to allocate it to your various homeschool needs. This comes out to twenty four hundred dollars a year you can spend towards your homeschool. Depending on how many kids you homeschool, this should mostly cover all the basics for a year. You should start to immediately save this money to prepare for the spending that will come up at the beginning of the year for the subjects you are going to teach over the next year.Let us assume that it is now time to decide how to spend your homeschool savings account. You will need books, material, supplies, possibly some money for field trips, and special lessons, plus we are considering that you will need some sort of homeschool software. First, consider the curriculum you are going to use, and how much it is going to cost for the books. Subtract that from the twenty four hundred. This is probably around six hundred to a thousand dollars, depending on how many book are in the curriculum. Next, consider how much material you will need. These are things like notebooks, drawing paper, printer paper, graph paper, pencils, markers, etc. This will probably total around two hundred dollars. The next thing to consider is how much you will need for supplies. By supplies, I mean material for doing projects, experiments, and crafts. These are important in a homeschool, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Depending on the age of your children, this will probably come out to about five hundred dollars. After that, consider how much you will need for field trips, a few individual lessons or tutors, and subtract about three hundred dollars. You are now left with about four hundred dollars you can spend on homeschool software.