Homeschool Curriculum Reviews – Take the Guesswork Out of Choosing Your Homeschooling Program – Homeschooling

Before purchasing materials for your home school, take time to read homeschool curriculum reviews that have been written about the product you are considering. Homeschool reviews allow you to learn from the positive and negative experiences of other homeschoolers. They can help you narrow down your choices and decide which products to purchase, and they reduce the chances that you will purchase the wrong curriculum.A homeschool curriculum review can be written by a merchant who is describing products that are available for sale, an author who is paid to review products that are received from publishers, or a homeschooler who has actually used the product. In my experience, reviews written by other homeschoolers are more helpful because they tend to be more honest and objective, and they realistically portray the use of the materials in a homeschool setting.You can find reviews in homeschool magazines, books, catalogs and online. Mary Pride’s Big Book of Home Learning and Cathy Duffy’s Top 100 Picks are favorite books among home educators. Homeschool catalogs like Sonlight, Timberdoodle and Rainbow Resources also contain detailed reviews. My favorite source of online reviews is Successful Homeschooling, a website that contains a database of hundreds of reviews written by other homeschoolers.Message boards, forums and yahoo groups are another valuable online source of opinions. These interactive formats allow you to ask questions and get information about how well a product will fit your family. Other parents may also be able to help you choose the correct level for your child and share advice for using the program.When reading home school curriculum reviews, make sure you consider your family’s lifestyle, your children’s learning style, and your preferred homeschooling method. Also remember that you are reading opinions, not facts. A product that works well for one family may not work well for another, and vice versa. Carefully consider your family’s needs and goals when choosing materials for your home school.