The 5 Greatest Pros of Homeschooling – Homeschooling

This article describes my experience as a homeschooler. Please, don’t jump on me for only only putting the pros in the title of this article and saying nothing about the cons of homeschooling. Each one of the 5 topics I will discuss could either be considered a pro or con depending on how you look at it. Either way I am glad I was homeschooled.1.Parents
I can’t stress enough how much parents have to do with the process of homeschooling. Parents can either be the greatest con or one of the greatest pros of homeschooling, depending on how much effort they put into there children. If a parent is considering homeschooling then this is the most important consideration. Are they willing to spend the time needed with there children or not? It is without a doubt a full time job.As a young child I was a fairly slow learner. Reading was the worst. I would get headaches while straining to figure out what word I was staring at. Fortunately, I was blessed to grow up in a home where my parents loved and cared for me. My mom was even able to be a stay at home mom. Despite my complaining, they kept with me. Listen closely, this is one of the greatest pros of homeschooling, they spent tons of quality one-on-one time teaching me how to think logically, how to read and how to write. As they kept with me even reading became easier. Parents get the benefit of being a greater influence in there child’s life. The time spent with my parents is beneficial to this day and as a result I have a better relationship with my parents then I ever would have without the benefit of homeschooling.Because of the fact that as a child I was a bit slow, I started school a year late. Actually, I went to both pre-school and kindergarten before my parents made the decision to homeschool both me and another sibling. Though, I started school a year late I completed my Associates Science degree the same summer I turned 19. I contribute this success largely to the one-on-one time my parents spent with me. As a result of the hours of one-on-one time spent with my parents I have not only learned to read (without those terrible headaches) but I was even able to receive a full ride scholarship to the University of Toledo for Computer Science and Engineering.2. Ability to go at the child’s rate
Another one of the pros of homeschooling for me was the ability to go at a pace that challenged me. As I went on in math my parents had me go allot faster then I would have been able to in public school. In fact, I was about two years ahead of of my grade level in math. In other areas such as writing I was probably somewhat behind. This is largely because I was not very motivated to do something that I didn’t really like. Fortunately, my parents kept with me and I was getting A’s and B’s in my college writing. Because the success of homeschooling is partly dependent on the how motivated the child is, parents must keep there children motivated. In other words, parents need to make learning fun. In writing, have the child write about something they are exited about or play logic games with the child to increase there logical skills.3.Children learn how to learn
Another advantage is that I learned how to learn. Let me explain, when you are in public school you are often just spoon fed information and never learn how to learn without being spoon fed. In fact, as I got to higher math, I pretty much taught myself. When it came to math I was very motivated because to me it was a test of how smart I was. I wanted to be and look smart. My parents let me go ahead and learn the material on my own and they would assign homework and have me do tests. Seeing I did fine this way, they let me learn this way. I am so thankful they did that because now I know how to learn without being spoon fed everything. I consider this one of the greatest pros of homeschooling because I saw how other college students did, even in a simple logic class. I realize that I am probably ahead of many people in my logical ability (not to brag or anything) but many of the other college students just didn’t know how to think logically through these things. I contribute this to my parents teaching me how to learn and think through things, rather then spoon feeding me the steps by which you come up with an answer. Again this is largely dependent on the effort a parent puts into the child.4. Friends
Perhaps the number 1 complaint people have with homeschooling is something that could just easily be considered one of the greatest pros of homeschooling. People think that your homeshcooled kids couldn’t possibly have any friends because they don’t go to public school. I will be the first to admit I had my problems socially. At the time I don’t think I would have even liked hanging out with most of the kids from public schools. I didn’t have the same interest as they did. In fact, I had a couple of friends who were homeschooled when they were younger but choose public school for Jr. High. Both of those friends ended up in drugs and alcohol. If your like most parents I know, then that is something you don’t want for your kids. There are loads of influences at public schools that are not good for any kid. Avoiding those influences could be considered one of the greatest pros of homeschooling. I would suggest that parents get together with a homeschool group in their own area. In doing so, you can meet other homeschool families and make up for many of the social lackings of homeschooling.5. Entrepreneurship
Of all the great pros of homeschooling the greatest is the entrepreneurship opportunities. Let me explain, as a homeschooler I could finish school in half the time it took public schoolers to finish school. You see, I didn’t have to walk between classes and I didn’t have to sit through lectures that were aimed towered the slowest student. As a result I could Finnish my school and have allot of time to spare before my neighborhood friends got home (I wasn’t completely separated from public schools). It was during that time I learned to do computer programming. Eventually, I even developed a business with what I had learned. It was a huge learning experience. Not only was it a great learning experience but it also looks great on a resume. Employers love employees who show such self initiative that they even owned there own business. In fact, My business is part of what got me my full ride scholarship to the University of Toledo. Who wouldn’t want there kids to have such great opportunities?