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Although home education is becoming more popular, many myths about homeschooling are believed to be true. Here are some homeschooling facts all parents should know before deciding where their children will attend school.

Homeschooled children can receive a high quality education. Homeschoolers receive an education tailored to their needs and learning styles. They can slow down or move forward according to their unique abilities. Statistics show they outperform both public and private school students on standardized tests.

You do not need a college diploma or teaching certificate to educate your child at home. Although states vary in their requirements of home educators, parents who have not graduated from college can successfully teach their children. Parents can learn alongside their children in areas of weakness and purchase materials that tell exactly how to teach difficult subjects.

Homeschoolers can attend college. Home educated students receive valid high school diplomas and are frequently recruited by colleges and universities. The college environment closely resembles homeschooling because the majority of a college student’s time is spent studying outside of the classroom.

Non-Christian parents also choose to homeschool their children. Homeschooling is not only for religious parents. There are many secular programs available for non religious families, and religious materials can often be tailored to meet a non religious family’s needs.

Homeschoolers do not need to be closely monitored by government officials. Most parents want what is best for their children and can be trusted to educate their children without government oversight. Studies show that homeschooling is equally successful in states with high and low levels of government regulation.

Homeschooling is great for gifted or special needs children. Children who work above or below grade level need special attention that can’t be provided in public schools. Home education allows them to move at a comfortable pace.

Homeschooling is not expensive. Parents of all income levels can teach their own children. There are many ways to reduce the cost of curriculum and activities. Some families are even able to design their own programs and homeschool for free.

Home education does not involve sitting at a desk all day. There are many different ways to homeschool. Some families use structured, textbook and workbook programs. Other families are very relaxed, and teach their children through everyday outings and activities.

Homeschoolers don’t miss out on childhood fun. Support groups offer activities like park days, science fairs, field trips and clubs. Homeschool schedules are so efficient that they leave students with more time to pursue their interests and take part in fun activities.

Homeschool graduates will be prepared for the real world. Home educated students spend their days in a real world environment. With their parent’s coaching and mentoring, they learn to meet and overcome challenges, and are adequately prepared for life after graduation.

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Homeschooling is not something you simply wake up one day and decide upon, it is actually a way of life. For me and mine I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’m proud to be a homeschooling mom.If you’re sitting on the crossroads of decision, wondering, should I homeschool my children or not, this could be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child’s future. In the past for some, saying they were homeschoolers was a stigma, however those days have passed and homeschooling is simply a decision we make as parents.HOMESHCOOLING SUCCESS TIP – Be sure to have funBy homeschooling your child, and utilizing the proper homeschooling resources, you are not depriving them of a proper education, instead you’ll be utilizing in-depth and well written curriculum. However, unlike what happens in public school, you can tailor the curriculum, and style of teaching to what best suits your child. Homeschooling is now a part of the American culture, any stigma attached is now a thing of the past.HOMESHCOOLING SUCCESS TIP – Limit any interruptionsFACT: Academically homeschooled students scored considerably higher than public or private school counterparts. This is not said to cast negativity against other forms of education, merely to point out that homeschooling can provide your child with everything they need.As this article is written, homeschooling is legal in every state, with state law requiring that homeschooling parents file certain information with the state or educational agencies. The reason that homeschoolers (in general) score higher than their private or public school counterparts, is threefold:1. They can study and learn at their own rate.2. They can receive individualized attention when necessary.3. The style of teaching can be adapted to the personality and strengths of the individual child/student .HOMESHCOOLING SUCCESS TIP – Set aside a certain amount of time, then stick to that schedule for best results.While I endorse homeschooling 100% for my family, it’s not for everyone and you must make your own decision. As you contemplate this decision realize the commitment you’ll need to make. It is time well spent, but time, you must make a decision to invest. Of course there is a variety of homeschooling resources, and different curriculums, so be certain to research what is available and best for your situation.Many parents when considering homeschooling are overwhelmed with what is involved. However, the old expression that says “The longest journey begins with the first step” is certainly true with homeschooling. The best advice I can offer (besides making the decision for homeschooling), is to speak with another parent currently homeschooling their children.By doing this, you have the opportunity to speak with someone who has faced the same homeschooling resources challenges you are considering. Remember to respect their time, doubly so if they are currently homeschooling their children. Perhaps you can buy or cook them dinner, then ask a few questions that concern you, they may have faced and answered these same homeschooling resources concerns.HOMESHCOOLING SUCCESS TIP – Keep it simple.HOMESHCOOLING SUCCESS TIP – Have faith in your abilities to teach and your children to learn.The greatest gift we can give the world is our children, they truly are the future. As a parent of course first and foremost love your children, but secondly strongly consider homeschooling. It is a simply the gift of your time and knowledge, but also your belief in the future of mankind.